Saturday, 23 March 2013

Symmetric B6 and B7

 This is Block B6
 Add strip of frame fabric

 Join these two strips together first. Then add the strip. Finally the frame fabric on the right had side.

 Join these two groups together.

Join the first group to the top of the second group
 Add frame fabric to right and bottom of the larger piece of feature fabric

 Make this group.
                                                           Join together  to form:

  Make this group

Frame  smaller frame fabric on all sides add extra group.Join together to form

 Add these together to form

Join the other group to the bottom to completer block

This Block B7
Add frame fabric to all to all sides . An easy one to finish blocks!

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  1. YEAH!!!!!!! i am thrilled, and i am hoping that this means that all is going well with you and yours ;o)


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