Monday, 25 February 2013

Symmetric mystery B4 and B5

 This is block B4.
 (color key is in previous posts)

There are some corrections to the strip piecing instructions you will need 4 each of

 and eight of

Join together to form the block. B4

This is Block B5

Make 2 subsections and join together to form block.

Put one each of these blocks in the bags marked north south east and west.


  1. super duper excited to see this for 2 reasons.....
    1) you and yours must be feeling better and
    2) i am moving on friday, and wanted to get more of this done before the move.....i am gonna get these done tonight whoop whoop!!!

  2. hi deborah, hope all is going well. i hope that we will see the finish of this quilt soon. i am excited to see it, and, i want a diversion from all of the boxes that need unpacking from my move LOL

  3. new post.....hope all is well.


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