Monday, 14 January 2013

Mistery quilts timeline (both quilts)

I am planning to release 1 post a week for these quilt.With a due date for publication being the Monday.
However when possible I will put the posts up the previous friday.

date due               Symmetric quilt                          Spontaneous Quilt
Monday 14th        Strip piecing                               Strip piecing
Monday 21st         Block 1 (symmetric)                  Blocks 1 and 2 (spontaneous)
Monday 28th         Block 3 and 7                           Blocks 3 and 4
Monday 4th Feb    Block 2                                    Blocks 5 and 6
Monday  11th         Block 4                                    Block 7 and 8
Monday 18th          Block 5                                    Block 9 and 10
Monday 25th          Block 6                                    Block 11 and 12
Monday 4th march   Assembly                                Assembly
Monday 11th march  Borders                                 Borders

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  1. perfect timing for this post! i was hoping for a release today so that i could avoid cleaning my sewing and bedrooms though LOL oh well.....i have all my bits in their baggies waiting til next week to the dungeons i go.


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