Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Rose of Sharon Quilt

 This quilt is for a friend  of the family who loves pink and pretty as a style. I have tried to make it neither childish or something that looks like it is for the elderly.

The Rose of Sharon center was chosen because of our shared faith in Jesus. The term "Rose of Sharon" is used in Song of Solomon 2:1. In the some English translations of the bible. In this popular old song celebrates the link to Jesus.

Sweet Jesus, Sweet Jesus,
What a wonder you are,
You're brighter than the morning star.
You're fairer, much fairer
Than the lily that grows by the wayside,
Precious, more precious than gold.

You're like the rose of Sharon,
You're the fairest of the fair,
You are all my heart could e'er desire.
Sweet Jesus, Sweet Jesus,
What a wonder you are,
You're precious, more precious than gold.
--Author not known

This link is probably why this traditional applique pattern has been given this name.

Feathers quilting: In this quilt I have been working on my free form feathers and I am pleased with how I am progressing. I am feeling more confident with each project. (Now all I have to do is master shamrocks for another project!!!!)


  1. The quilting is lovely... and it is a very nice use of strings. Looks feminine! Sandy C

  2. That is absolutely beautiful!

  3. love all the elements of the quilt. the thoughtfulness of the design for the recipient in color, style and meaning of a shared faith. i love the shared scripture and your quilting is beautiful. i want to really start working my machine and myself--you inspire me. i will be doing your mystery along with you. i know it will be a nice design and method for me.

    i have done 3 of the celtics now and have 2 more cut and started. i took the center medallion (i think 21 or 23 squares of the middles) and made a matching baby quilt for my daughter. this is my go to quilt for stress relief.


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