Friday, 12 October 2012

Piano Keys Quilts

The finished dimensions of these quilts are 45" x 72" which is approximately the correct size for the Aussie Hero quilts. Piano keys are a great way to use up all those small bits left over from other projects

Central Panel:

The central Panel of this quilt is made from a large print fabric - I used 1 yard, measured the usable width, and divided this number by 3.  ( The usable width is the width of the fabric less the selvages and any fabric that is not printed with the design.). In this case 42" /3 = 14". I then cut the the 1 yard length vertically making 3 panels 36" x 14 "(the finished size of the panel  in the quilt is 35.5" by 13.3").  Each panel can make the center of 1 quilt.

Panel Frame:

The goal is to frame the panel as you would a picture. The first 1 or 2 frames are solid fabric and then I use a mixture of piano keys and whole fabric borders.

I make piano keys using pieces of fabric that are the same length but different widths - however the width is always smaller than the length. I precut the piano keys from small scraps, in 3" 4.5" 6" 7.5" lengths and select the colors I want for each project.

This quilt uses the piano keys in a different way to make the sense a 3d image or an old fashioned labyrinth. The inspiration was from some old Finnish Labyrinths that date back over 3000years


  1. I absolutely adore your labyrinth quilt. Will you share how you did it? Would love to make one for myself.
    Kathy S
    Youroldpalmom at

  2. Beautiful quilts, especially like the labyrinth, the design just pulls you into it.
    Marj in Mexico
    thelady at hotmail dot com

  3. I also love your Labyrinth quilt, fantastic idea, although the other quilts are great as well. Great ideas for making Aussie Hero Quilts, the piano keys are a great way to use up scraps and frame a panel or nice piece of fabric.


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