Wednesday, 24 October 2012

For Want of a Laundry Bag

 I have just posted 15 laundry bags off through Aussie Heros quilts and laundry bags.

If I am asked why laundry bags?  My plagiarism of a classic poem (14th century) expresses my response.

 For Want of a Laundry Bag
For want of laundry bag a sock was lost.
For want of a sock some time was lost.
For want of some time some rest was lost.
For want of some rest a  temper was lost.
For want of  good temper a relationship was lost.
For want of a relationship the message was lost.
For want of the message the area was lost.
For want of the area the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the peace was lost.

 All for the want of a laundry bag.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Rose of Sharon Quilt

 This quilt is for a friend  of the family who loves pink and pretty as a style. I have tried to make it neither childish or something that looks like it is for the elderly.

The Rose of Sharon center was chosen because of our shared faith in Jesus. The term "Rose of Sharon" is used in Song of Solomon 2:1. In the some English translations of the bible. In this popular old song celebrates the link to Jesus.

Sweet Jesus, Sweet Jesus,
What a wonder you are,
You're brighter than the morning star.
You're fairer, much fairer
Than the lily that grows by the wayside,
Precious, more precious than gold.

You're like the rose of Sharon,
You're the fairest of the fair,
You are all my heart could e'er desire.
Sweet Jesus, Sweet Jesus,
What a wonder you are,
You're precious, more precious than gold.
--Author not known

This link is probably why this traditional applique pattern has been given this name.

Feathers quilting: In this quilt I have been working on my free form feathers and I am pleased with how I am progressing. I am feeling more confident with each project. (Now all I have to do is master shamrocks for another project!!!!)

Shiney Quilt (Thai silk)

This is a quilt got a friend that likes bling. We had looked at various patterned together and none of them met her taste in shinny. One day at the local markets there was a lady selling these Thai Silk (rayon????) bed spreads. I over-locked the edges due to fraying. Then I simply quilted along the straight lines in the fabric (including going up and down on the lines in between the elephants. The backing is cotton which means that it will not constantly slip off the bed!!!!

It is just what she wanted - sometimes simple is best.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Piano Keys Quilts

The finished dimensions of these quilts are 45" x 72" which is approximately the correct size for the Aussie Hero quilts. Piano keys are a great way to use up all those small bits left over from other projects

Central Panel:

The central Panel of this quilt is made from a large print fabric - I used 1 yard, measured the usable width, and divided this number by 3.  ( The usable width is the width of the fabric less the selvages and any fabric that is not printed with the design.). In this case 42" /3 = 14". I then cut the the 1 yard length vertically making 3 panels 36" x 14 "(the finished size of the panel  in the quilt is 35.5" by 13.3").  Each panel can make the center of 1 quilt.

Panel Frame:

The goal is to frame the panel as you would a picture. The first 1 or 2 frames are solid fabric and then I use a mixture of piano keys and whole fabric borders.

I make piano keys using pieces of fabric that are the same length but different widths - however the width is always smaller than the length. I precut the piano keys from small scraps, in 3" 4.5" 6" 7.5" lengths and select the colors I want for each project.

This quilt uses the piano keys in a different way to make the sense a 3d image or an old fashioned labyrinth. The inspiration was from some old Finnish Labyrinths that date back over 3000years