Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wonky framed squares in 2 quilts

Recently I have given away 2 picture "eye spy" quilts to adults. This quilt went to a young dad with cancer - the family chose to have an eye spy quilt for the 1 year old son to enjoy when visiting.

Unfortunately it was raining so the pictures were taken inside and do not show off the quilting very well.

This quilt went to the local hostel for the elderly. They have specifically asked me to include pictures in the quilts. This is more intellectually simulating and may initiate conversations with the carers.

 I used the swirls and curls method of quilting this.


  1. nice quilts deborah. and even nicer reasons to make them. thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice to see you've got that train rolling well now! Saw your comment on Stashbusters and had to come take a look. Great work - keep it up :)


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