Tuesday, 28 August 2012

High school students come to help Quilt!!!

I had a group of high school students over to see my quilting machine. I decided to put on the frame this quilt top which I had made from a panel I was given. The idea was that they would do a wavy line with loops in it. Sometimes this became a little chaotic - as each student had a turn.  They really seemed to enjoy it - one student asking if they could get one for the high school... not with in budget unfortunately.

I also quilted up this panel experimenting with chains of teddies in the border. (not ready yet to share a method!!!!) .

Both quilts went to the local family crisis care.

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  1. Wonderful to be encouraging the next generation in quilting :)


I really enjoy the encouragement I get from feedback. As I am part of the process pledge I love to know if I am giving useful information... looking forward to hearing from you