Sunday, 15 April 2012

Rulers - care of - sewing room tips 2

Over the years I have used a variety of rulers. Due to a visual sensitivity to yellow and orange I prefer to avoid those colors. .... Make sure you get rulers that you find comfortable to look at!

Many ruler have their marking printed on the wrong side ( the side that you put on the fabric). I have found that over time I am prone to wearing of the markings particularly in the areas where I put pressure to keep the ruler still. I have found that by coating my rulers in clear contact (on the side with the markings) I extend the life of the rulers considerably.

Old ruler - with markings scratched and faded
New rulers - cutting contact

 "Contact" is the name we use in Australia for a clear book covering material designed to cover children's school books. I cut the piece roughly so that the piece of contact is bigger than the ruler. Then apply contact to the printed side of ruler. Trim the edges with your rotary cutter WITH AN OLD BLADE.

I keep my old rotary cutter blades on a magnetic pin holder - so that when  I want to cut something other than fabric I can find an old blade quickly and not ruin a good one. I like the magnetic pin holders as the blades stay put... even when they are too blunt for fabric they can still cut you!!!!

New rulers with contact still untrimmed
Old rotary cutting blades
My rotary cutter also has a fabric tag - like my scissors - to remind others not to use it on anything but fabric!

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