Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Fire ! Fire ! Fire !

A tip for all quilters   - double check that you turn the  gas is off before you go to the sewing room! About 3 weeks ago now I thought that I had turned the gas off under a pot of oil..... but I had not. It ignited and went through the exhaust fan to the cupboards , along the curtains to my husband's whiskey collection - which exploded. The heat and smoke damage occurred through the whole house. I have really learned the value of being properly insured (which we were fortunately).  I had no idea how sticky the smoke reside was going to  be. It is like a black glue that sticks to everything.

Our insurance fortunately covered the clean up. We had 6 industrial cleansers cleaning the house contents  for a week and packing everything in to storage. They removed 64 large bags of clothing and linen for dry cleaning.

Now the builders have arrived and started cleaning the walls - and gutting the kitchen - dining room including ceilings.

The one thing that the cleaners would not touch is my sewing room and fabric collection. Because of the raw edges they said that I had to throw out the whole lot and claim the value. I think that they had no idea what it was worth.... Actually I have got most of it clean by going to the laundromat so that I could used multiple washing machines and dryers. I then got my ironing lady to iron it. I will send the insurers the laundromat and ironing bill - but I still think that will be a small fraction of the replacement cost. This as actually made me document, and put a value on my collection... and it certainly shows why I need to be a stashbuster!!!!

A piece of insight I have learned from this is that we were not over insured - clean up is expensive.