Sunday, 9 October 2011

Swirls and curls free motion quilting pattern

I have been asked how I do my swirls and curls quilting- so here it is......
 I have drawn this on paper alternating the row color to show how I do this more clearly. I adjust the placement of the swirls etc according to the quilt I am working on. I prefer to do the rows beginning at alternate ends as this gives a more even result.

Tip: When I am learning a new quilting pattern I spend a lot of time drawing it on paper (an old newspaper is great) Until the idea becomes more automatic.


  1. thank you for showing this. I like the swirls very much. I will try this on a practice piece. I am new to machine quilting.

  2. Thank you for posting how you do this great quilting!! I may have to draw that out a lot!!

  3. I just found your blog and your work is marvelous.

    Thanks very much for the fabulous FMQ design. I'm going to try it our on an UFO. Will give you full credit when I post it.

    Jane White

  4. I can quilt better than I can draw, but I love this pattern. Thanks for sharing. Dee in NE

  5. I am glad I saw this! ... I already tend to do swirly and curly bits in my quilting ... but not usually in rows (usually all over on small quilts, and on one big one that I swore at a lot as I wrestled it here and there under my poor old normal dressmaking type sewing machine!) ... but I now have access to the Happy Jack quiting frame thingy that Canberra Quilters own (members can go to our rooms where it is set up, and use it as long as we pay a few dollars to cover servicing/etc of the sewing machine, and as long as we have done a training session on how to use it - and I just did that yesterday ;-) and I was just wondering about what sort of quilting pattern to use on whatever I end up using the Happy Jack to do the quilting on ... because you kind of still have to work in a strip that is only as wide as the throat of the sewing machine the Happy Jack is attached to, it is best to use quilting patterns where you can work side to side ... just like your wonderful drawing in this blog post! ... now I just have to finish a quilt top I that I can do this on! LOL

  6. Love your idea for curls and swirls. I am a very tentative FMQ but think I will try something like this next time


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