Monday, 10 October 2011

"Right angles" - another free motion quilting pattern

Because of the level of interest I have been getting in my simple free motion patterns here is another of my favorites that I call "Right Angles" I find that this is a great pattern for a man's quilt if her does not like curves and anything flowery. It also looks great on the wonky square quilt design.

This is a simple pattern to do once you are used to the idea of sharp corners. I have drawn the stitching line in blue and the direction in the red arrows..... I love being able to do large areas with out having to stop ans start in this design.

As I mention before trying out a new quilting design with a pen and paper until you are comfortable with it  saves a lot of unpicking.


  1. You wanna know why I like this? I can do this with my Featherweight!! I've always stuck to mild curves and straight up-and-downs - this will work great on some of my more modern minis.

  2. I love this quilting pattern. I have to remember it when I quilt my next quilt Thank you for sharing!!! Kathy

  3. I liked the quilting patterns you posted.


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