Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Quilting a panel.

As part of getting accustomed to my new quilting machine I have been quilting up some panels for church. This has got me thinking about where quilting has developed over the past 25 years.

When I was new to quilting I was firmly informed "that not quilting its embroidery because you have used more than one color of thread". 

Well in the latest panel I used light blue, variegated green, green/black, grey. I changed color  according to the area of the panel because i did not want to add more colors to the picture only texture. I have done some work with transparent thread but I find it a bit temperamental and inclined to stretch and snap.

 The panel on the left is before quilting.

The panel on the right is after quilting in late after noon sun light to show up quilting lines.

The panel below is the panel in normal light.


  1. WOW what an amazing difference from begin to end! thanks for sharing. Could you post what kind of stitches you used to make the contrast?

  2. This panel is quilted using free motion "straight" machine stitching. To do this you drop the feed dogs of your machine and use a darning food. This allows you to move the fabric (with batting and backing)yourself - giving great freedom in direction of movement.

    The lines I quilted along were those already in the picture eg the waterfall is quilted in long lines going up and down.


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