Friday, 21 October 2011

Progress report 4: 50 quilts from stash challenge - Final

Well I have finished it - I have made 50 quilts from my original stash. However I fell off the wagon with the no buy part after number 32.

The reason this happened was a couple of special projects that I did not have the right fabrics for,   this meant that I went to fabric shops....... however I have not counted quilts containing those fabrics in my total of Fifty.

This quilt was made with some orphan blocks in the center - the visual tension between the formal outer borders and the informal inner blocks I find challenging - what do you think?

Having a challenge has been really good for me to keep moving on projects so I am trying to think of what next years will be..... I think that every quilt that is already promised to some one has to be finished.  I have 25 of those and usually the reasons they have stalled is:
 1.for some reason they got put away
2. I cant remember why
3. The people getting them are important to me and I want it to be my best work...

So I think I will call it the Promised Quilts Challenge

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