Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ironing errors ... Completed panels

Before quilting this panel I ironed it and thought that I had removed the crease in the center where it had been folded in storage. However when I photographed in bright light outside (after quilting) the crease reappeared.

I know you are not supposed to iron quilts but the crease was really obvious when hanging. So firstly I steamed the crease. This softened it a bit but it was still obvious. So I  wet the area and ironed it - much better.

I must add i use Nu-wool wadding that is 60% wool and 40%polyester. I am not sure that this would work with other types of wadding.


  1. People at church were moved by this panel. I was not sure how it would look but fortunately the yellow of the boarder tied in with the yellows in the stained glass making it look deliberate.

  2. love the quilt, great job, the bronze border was a excellent choice.


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