Sunday, 9 October 2011

Irish chain with red embroideries.

It is another limited fabric quilt I used 3 deep reds, a mid tone print and cream.

The quilting around the embroideries is minimal - stitch in the ditch around the edge. The remaining quilting is a free form pattern that I love and call swirls and curves.

This quilt is actually a gift for people moving away from the town who are members of our church. Therefore the back has a panel for people to sign.  I have included a photo because I thought that someone might find it useful to see how I constructed it. originally I intended just to have the central area red border and floral outside. However this would have been too small. I added the cream border to make it bigger - - but not on the edge. I find it is much easier to have the widest border on the outside as a narrow border really displays any irregularity of placement between the front and back.


  1. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing the tip about the border placement. Your free motion quilting is very nice! : ) June

  2. So beautiful! They will most certainly treasure this work of art!!!

  3. Your quilting is wonderful. I shall begin dooooodling!


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