Thursday, 8 September 2011

Having lots of fun learning to use my new quilting machine

I am having lots of fun learning to use my new quilting machine but it may be a week at least until I have an official finish - the painter arrived to paint both the quilting room and the window frame in the sewing room. This has meant there has been a rapid reshuffle of stuff to let him in.This shuffle means that I don't have a place for the machine I love to use for binding so I think I will wait until the painter is finished to do them.

I have begun to master free form feathers - I tried them first on a small UFO table runner.


  1. Hi Deborah,

    You are sooooo brave and I wish I lived closer. I would bring over my utility tops for you to practice on and stand by to make strong coffee and cheer you on as you learn the basics of driving your new machine.

  2. Good job!! I like the way you added the swirls. I got my best feather teaching from watching the way Karen McTavish does feathers on Her "bump-bump" method is very easy. All my doodles are feathers now!!!


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