Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Bread in a breadmaker - recipes - "soy free"

Because I have a food intolerance to soy proteins - which are commonly used in breads and bread mixes in Australia - we make all the bread we eat. My husband has developed so really reliable recipes for us. I thought that I would share them - especially because now when we are asked to contribute food for a party - we are asked often for the bread as it is so popular with everyone.

Over the years we have used various breadmakers - refer to your manual for the preferred order of inserting ingredients. Some prefer the water first and the yeast last others tend to reverse the order - yeast first and water last.

Standard Loaf

400 ml water
1½ Tbs  oil
1 tsp salt
1 Tbs (brown) sugar
2 Tbs gluten flour
520 g wholemeal/white/rye flour
(50g grain/seed)
2 tsp yeast

Setting on our machine: program 4, middle size, moderate crust.

Foccacia - a recipe mixed in the bread machine and baked in the oven.
This is a wonderfully flexible recipe, in that, it can be used to make: 
1 the flatish traditional foccacia, 
2 a thicker loaf, 
3 rolled out and cheese sprinkled on it then rolled up like swissroll cut in think 1" slices to make cheese scrolls.

350ml water
2 Tbs olive oil
2 tsp salt
(4 Tbs milk powder)
2 Tbs white sugar
480g white flour
2½ t yeast

Pizza dough setting; knead, indent, cover & rise 30min
Brush with oil, apply topping  - herbs cheese etc
Bake 180

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