Friday, 26 August 2011

Yukata (Japanese summer dress) - well almost

My younger daughter want to go as Japanese to her school's International dress up day. So I decided to make a Yukata style dress (rather than a kimono - which should be silk). The fabric she wanted is actually Chinese and a directional print which meant that I had to add a seam in the shoulder to keep the pattern the right way up front and back. Also I probably should have made the sleeve differently so they hang down more.  The pleat under the obi is held there by a cord tied around the hips - I think that is traditional - but we are finding that the pleat keeps slipping out. Any suggestions on how we should be tying it?


  1. love the dress she loves HAPPY, too

  2. what a lovely job you have done. she looks like a china (japanese) doll! sorry but I am no help as far as tying the dress!

  3. You are SO talented! Nicely done. And such a cutie for the model! Would a little stay-stitching help the pleat?

    NOT a dressmaker doni @ Oregon coast

  4. Wow that is absolutley fantastic!!!
    Your little girl looks gorgeous - great job!

  5. Gee, What an amazingly talented Mummy you are, and you daughter is just gorgeous!
    Jodie (from G & A yahoo group)


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