Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Racing windmills - a quilt for large bright prints.

This quilt is for Harry, a teenager in our church who is undergoing chemotherapy. I began with the large bright racing car print that is the final border - he's into cars and motor bikes. I did not want to cut it up too much and it was definitely not a panel so I decided to use the 3D pinwheel block again. The fabrics for the pinwheels were chosen from cars colors. The background fabrics: Blues and black were chosen because I felt that straight blacks might be a bit heavy. The small amount of drum fabric is featured in the first border because Harry is also a drummer.

I am pleased with the bright result. The back has panels that have been signed by members of our church and space for his friends to add their names as well.

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  1. another lovely quilt -good luck to Harry with his treatment , hope he loves his quilt. A beautiful gift.


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