Thursday, 11 August 2011

Liberated piano keys - quilting experiment

Having recently acquired my first true long arm i am experimenting with different sorts of quilting.

in keeping withe liberated style (i hope) I chose trucks,


houses, and cars. Next time I do this sort of work I think that i will be more confident to go over the lives more than once to make the pictures clearer.


  1. This is a really fun quilt - love your freeform trucks, cars and houses. I love to do fun quilting but sometimes my drawings are not as clear as yours so I often just hide word messages in them

  2. Love your choice of quilting motifs. Especially since this is for a young boy, the quilting keeps it from getting too "grown up". From start to finish, near and far, this is a fun quilt in the spirit of youth!! Good job!!

  3. What a wonderful quilt. This will encourage lots of creative fun - and good memories...

  4. very well done! your free motion is really good!


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