Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Janome 1600p and happy jack frame

With the advent of my bigger stitch regulated machine there is now a reshuffle of duties in my sewing room.

The Janome 1600P is now my piecing and binding machine. It is absolutely wonderful for doing bindings... My ordinary machine labored under sewing through the multiple layers involved with binding where as this  1600P sail thought the multiple layers with ease. If I had realized the difference it would make to doing bindings I seriously would have considered removing it from the quilting frame temporarily when I wanted to do a binding - especially those on kids quilts where the binding is totally applied by machine.

The Happy Jack frame is going to move house - it still works well so it is going to a friend who does not have a frame. I have quilted over 200 items on the frame - which as the manufacturer commented is more an industrial use than a normal domestic use. A couple of the parts have worn but have also been easy to replace: 1 the cable between the hand control which depresses the machine foot - this is a standard bike brake cable which can  obtained from a bike shop. 2. The plastic capping on the runners - which can be obtained from the manufacturer.

So here is the last quilt quilted on the happy jack frame by me...... just a simple panel but i am please with how it came up after quilting.

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