Thursday, 28 July 2011


Today i have been stash busting without doing any quilting . I have made a houppelande - which is a dress from the 15 century. Cant claim that it is the most slimming style and obviously I have not yet worked out a hat or my hair....

But i used over 10 m of fabric and the "fur trims" are wadding scraps.

I used the patterns on

Answers to questions:
The greatest difficulty was the sheer amount of fabric in one garment. The body of the gown is a circle which hangs from the shoulders. (see link for pattern). The sleeves are just over-sized sleeves with a cuff of fur at the end. A slit in the front side to allow you to use your hands without the sleeve dragging in everything. The amount of sewing is minimal - except the enormous hem...... I am still debating a "fur" trim on that - I do have enough wadding scarps.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Liberating those piano keys (quilt border strips)

I tend to have far too many piano key borders because I find them an easy way to use up scraps. Well my husband challenged me to do some thing completely different..... So I used "piano keys as the main feature of this quilt. They are appliqued in place over the previously pieced background. The inspiration was the bamboo scaffolding we saw in Taiwan which held together at amazing heights while looking very flimsy.

Questions: Does this quilt need an appliqued focus point in the centre? (suggested by a visiting teenager)
                 What kind of pattern would you use to quilt it? This is what I was thinking but struggling to choose the design and so began seeking advice....

The quilt is for an 8 year old boy who specifically wanted something red blue and black. Certainly this validated the way i often work... the Paino key boarders were assembled with out the red previously but this meant that he was able to express his desire for specific colors at 5pm yesterday i had it pinned out in place by 12 noon for his birthday party - and I only had to say it would be a couple of week before it was quilted. Totally worth it with the look of joy in his face when he said "She made it for me"

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Burred screwdriver for sewing machine.

I had managed to burr and chip the end of my favorite sewing machine screw driver and I am so pleased with my self - I fixed it. I got out our kitchen knife sharpening stone and took off the burrs and shortened it slightly to remove the effect of the chip and it works again....

Monday, 11 July 2011

Indigo blues - monochromatic challenge

I love using blue in quilts so the challenge I gave myself was to also use a limited number of fabrics. I chose 3 and some embroidered panels from a friend. The uneven nine patch blocks were chosen because the some of the embroideries were too small to look right in a 9" square - I wanted to make them 8". 8" meant that the blocks were 2" 4" 2" across - I'm a bit lazy with fractional inch blocks.

This is part of the indigo challenge of the patch work Times.

Adult quilt - baby quilt question.

I originally designed this quilt as a spare cot quilt for the cupboard - in case I was asked to produce one in a hurry. However when I was looking for inspiration for a quilt for an elderly person, I realized that if I focused attention on the roses in the central block by adding another border (with roses) it was probably better as a adult quilt.