Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Trinity Celtic knot quilt - random interpretation.

Marion Butler of South Africa has kindly given permission for me to share her re - interpretation of my design as a random scrap quilt. I think its wonderful..... Thanks Marion

Update January 2012
This quilt has just been re published as the magazine is no longer available. The current publication is with Arbee designs


  1. wow- now i am adding another TO DO to my list! I loved my first CKnot and did it in 2 inch sqs. I planned to do another one a bit larger. seeing this moved it up my list. I like the center sqs being accent color but I think they would also look great scrappy.- great job- cw

  2. How wonderful this quilt looks with multiple colors. I would have never thought of that. Thank goodness someone had the nerve to think outside the box!!!

  3. Well, thanks alot Deborah! Like I needed another project on my Bucket list. Seriously, thanks so much for posting this pattern. It is gorgeous and I can't wait to make it!

  4. Geweldig deze site.
    groeten uit Holland

  5. LOVE it! Maybe one day I'll do another one!

  6. i never tire of seeing one of these quilts deborah. i really do think that it is my all time favorite quilt design ever. it is such a beautiful pattern, thank you for being so generous in your sharing of this, as well as others, beautiful quilt design. i am SO going to make a scrappy one! and, i love the lattice quilt too....probably will fit that into my list for next year's quilts ;o)


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