Saturday, 16 April 2011

Naracoorte Convent Quilt

The Naracoorte Convent quilt was made during 2008/9. It was this project that initially spurred my interest in using photographs in quilts. In this case I was given the photos already on fabric to use. Because many of the photos were antique I felt that it was important to have the style in keeping so I chose a Victorian front hall table as inspiration. Hence the addition of doilies, buttons, and little pictures to enhance the feel.

The buttons in this picture as genuine buttons of military uniforms. The lace around the central photo came from a period wedding dress.

Oh... the reason for this post today is that I have been following a discussion on old buttons and realized i did not have a picture on my blog of this quilt. I feel the best way to "store"old buttons and other bits is to use them in something that will be valued by others.


  1. Very interesting quilt! Good use of the doilies, buttons, and trims.


  2. Using photos on quilts is hard to do because sometimes the photos overtake the design. Your use of white doilies and the layout really work.

  3. My sister once made a quilt with family photos printed on fabric and a collection of family signatures. I think she raffled it off at a family reunion. I wonder how the pictures hold up. Yours looks to be bed size or is it a wall quilt?

  4. I designed it - as requested by the historical group - as a bed quilt. However when I gave it to them they decided it should be a wall piece and it is now on display in the local bakery/coffee shop. The Photos in this quilt were the T shirt transfer type. After this I decided to explore methods of printing directly onto cotton with my computer printer. see

  5. unfortunately the convent and the beautiful oak tree have gone I is now a car park......

  6. Oh WOW! That is simply S T U N N I N G! Deb! Great job!


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