Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Johnville - progress

I have finished the top - however I have had to vary it from the original plan as it got too big. The collage of Australian animals is going to be a cushion instead. The photos are looking good and there are still spaces in between where he can park his cars etc.

 obviously there is still some thread trimming still to Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. When my kids were babies I used something called a "playpen". Moms don't use this device today but it was a wonderful way to keep them safe until they got old enough to realize that it hurts to fall from the top of the piano. I made a "pad" which had houses and train tracks and roads and a park much like your idea. I never thought of it as a quilt because it wasn't a cover.

  2. Because of the small size of my son's families house - the idea is that he can use this both as playmat on the floor and a quilt on the bed (folded double).


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