Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Johnville - finished at last

I have finished my grandson's quilt which can also be a play mat.The photos are orientated so that a child sitting on the edge has the nearest photos upright - but this dos make the hung quilt look a bit odd.

I was glad that I had not over filled the quilt as there was a last minute reminder that airplanes were required - added 4.   These has to be added after quilting - but I don't suppose a 4 year old will mind that the stitching is different.
On the back I placed a dinosaur panel so that when the quilt is on the bed it can be folded down smaller and still look complete.

Technical issues - I realized, while quilting, that a better result would have been achieved if the photos had been applied to the pieces before sewing them together because the applique process caused some "shrinkage" of the underlying fabric and hence slight rippling in the final result.

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  1. Wow! Complete with a beach and ferris wheel too! He'll have to have lots of fun with this! If you can though, you should put a picture of you somewhere - poking out a window? - so he remembers you made it for him!

    : )


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