Monday, 25 April 2011

Hannah's jacket

My daughter Hannah has been designing herself a reversible jacket - Pieced on one side and plain on the other. Evidently  piecing the jacket was interesting ......... her sewing machine ended up having to be on the floor after the legs fell off the portable sewing machine table  in her college room. In order to avoid any additional thickness in the seams she has chosen to tailor the wadding pieces as well. So she is now hand tie quilting the three layers together.

Hannah is currently studying veterinary science and tells me that binge sewing is far healthier after exams than binge drinking.....


  1. Binge sewing...I like that! Looks like the creativity has been passed down!


  2. What a great idea-binge sewing. I will have to do that, too-can only clean and cook for so long. Sewing gives you something to while relaxing. HOpe to see pictures of the completed jacket.

  3. Great Vet type colors also. Well done.

  4. Binge sewing--GREAT! I remember working out exam frustrations by trying to knit. That was a once in a lifetime trial--even though I got a sweater from it. I hope Hannah has begun a new venture that will last with her for a long time. From the picture it looks like she's got lots of talent for fashion and quilting too! I too, want to see pictures of the finish! Great work so far!


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