Friday, 22 April 2011

Functional doll house wall hanging - finished

I have now finished the wall hanging. (Except for buying 2  x 170cm dowel for hanging  - but that will wait till England)

The pockets are make with light weight clear vinyl that is sold as table cloth protector material. This material provides a few challenges for sewing - less holes is stronger than more - so I stitched with a large wide zigzag.
Also where I needed to attach the vinyl to vinyl I used super glue.

Tips: only use OLD scissors and rotary cutting blades on the vinyl - they will not be as good after wards.

The flying fox and hang glider frame  are cord attached to large buttons with rubber bands to hold the dolls - all chosen for easy replacement if broken. The swing is a piece of elastic with a loop on the end. In each case the buttons have a second button on the back and they are sewn through the hanging together - this distributes the stress on the cloth if the buttons are pulled hard.

This project had many technical challenges - sewing the vinyl was not that easy and did not feed through the sewing machine very well - so the stitching is uneven. But I am sure a 2 year old will not mind.


  1. How cute is that ! The two year old is going to love it!

  2. Really cute! For your next vinyl project I read somewhere that using a "sandwich" of vinyl between ordinary tissue paper allows it to feed through the machine quite easily. Cuts out the "drag effect".
    Kay in NJ

  3. This is great--so imaginative and liberated in design and construction. Two year olds have amazing imaginations, too. Thanks for posting the link in LibQuilters yahoo group.
    Kathleen in Ct


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