Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Functional Doll House wall hanging - Stage 1

I have decided to try to make a dolls house for my granddaughter which hangs on  the wall due to limited floor space. I considered various options but eventually came up with the idea of a painted scene/doll house with clear pockets so that the dolls can go to bed etc.

The reason for painting it is the time factor before we travel to England to see them.  The clear pockets are because she loves posting things - I felt that the rest of the family might be grateful to be able to see quickly what she had "posted today".

Tony (my husband) helped me come up with a design in the correct scale of the small dolls I had acquired. To day I drew it onto the fabric and began the process of painting it. I am using Shiva paint sticks which are n oil pastel that becomes permanent on fabric. This is actually the first time I have used them so I have also been climbing a steep learning curve.

The picture are the current stage of progress - also with the pockets i will add detail such as a swing in the tree and a harness on the Hang-glider.


  1. I love this concept. Bravo.
    You could also use acrylic paints which can be washed.

  2. looks like you are doing a fabulous job. Can't wait to see the end result. Have fun!

  3. This morning I made the sky and the grass extend respectively up and down so that the edges will be colored when finished - it is amazing how even a relatively plain detail improves the overall look


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