Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sandpaper board ( for marking squares ) and recutting pinwheels

20+ years ago, before I had been introduced to rotary cutters and mats, I made this board to hold fabric steady while marking out the pieces.  Recently I have been making a lot of Half square triangles (HST) where I sew the triangles before cutting them from the square. The square on the right was marked while on my ordinary cutting mat and the square on the left on the sandpaper board. With out the sandpaper board the fabric was moving and stretching and it was difficult to get a clear mark in the board it is a breeze.  The board was made by gluing the finest grade sandpaper available to Masonite - and this is still my original one.

Here are some of the pinwheels I have made which were looking rather dull so I decided to try cutting them up like a disappearing 4 patch block. - I am really please with the difference this has made.


  1. What a fun idea to change the look of these pinwheels :)

  2. What a great tip! Think I may have to rob hubby's stash of sandpaper.

  3. doesn't using sandpaper blunt the rotary blade rather quickly?
    Jenny Loveder

  4. The sandpaper board is for DRAWING on the squares not cutting them. Before rotary cutters I had to cut my pieces with scissors. I now sometimes like to draw a diagonal if I am sewing the square before cutting into 2 triangles. This helps reduce any distortion on the bias grain side.


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