Wednesday, 9 March 2011

One Hundred good wishes quilt for FCC Project.

Pink and purple Quilt - 9 nine patch quilt
Turtle beach - 25 nine patch quilt.

 FCC or Families with Children from China is an organization that supports the adoption community and also sends fund back to support children in need in the Chinese orphanages. I am going to make a 100 good wishes quilt as a fundraiser for the Australian branch.
When thinking about making a One hundred good wishes quilt I thought that I would look at the book of traditional  Taiwanese aboriginal textiles that I got during my time in Taiwan last December. Many of the traditional weavings and embroideries have a diamond pattern - some quite similar to the pattern of the above 2 quilts. If  I work on a 16  nine patch quilt  that would give me 80 special pieces in the 9 patch blocks, 9 in the feature blocks. and the other 11 could be incorporated into the boarders.

Using the Turtle beach quilt as the example - the light green will be replaced with a soft yellow; the white would remain white.

Pictures of Taiwanese textiles (Sorry about he camera flash flare).

Th reference for the book is Culture of clothing amount Taiwan Aboriginies Volume 2

. This work is in classical mandarin - which my daughter in law can read - I mainly look at the pictures.

Mei Tai Baby Carrier Text Link: Mei Tai Baby Carrier Image Link: Hyperlink: Mei Tai Baby Carrier


  1. That's a great idea to use the diamond. What a worthy cause, too. I had a friend on my teaching staff who adopted a brother and sister from China. What an exciting time that was for them!

  2. Wow. This turned out really cool. It nice to see the thought process behind the quilts too.

  3. deborah, love your quilts and the background info as well; also, the town photos you took for your grandson's quilt are great, it will be terrific for him, a pictorial journey...and thanks for your kind words on my hawaiian!

  4. What a beautiful quilt. Thank you for sharing it and what the background is as well. Thank you too for the nice comment on my blog. You're right I'll let my hubby choose the colors for a fall quilt.

  5. helloh deborah,greetings from the wild rural areas of lincolnshire, [stop laughing]thankyou for your kind comments I expect its warm where you are- its very nippy here, spring always is.


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