Monday, 7 March 2011

Johnville - collage border panels

I have begun work on the boarder sections of the Johnville quilt.

Each section as defined by the roads will have a theme and be constructed in one piece before adding the the quilt. The themes I have chosen are Ocean/beach, farm, Australian animals, New Zealand, Canada and Zoo.

Stages of construction:

1 Double sided fusible web:
Cut a length slightly bigger than the required panel. The ocean panel is 12" by 45" finished + 1/2" for seam allowances + 1" for potential shrinkage during sewing. I actually had the join mine to get a piece big enough i did this by pealing the web back, off the paper, about i/2 " from the edges which had to be joined, overlapping and then ironing them together with a sheet of non stick baking paper between the iron and web. DO NOT REMOVE THE MANUFACTURER'S PAPER BACKING.

2 Collage planning
First cut out main pictures pieces over the area. Then I filled in the gaps between the pictures with tone on tone prints - carefully making sure that the colours of the prints did not "kill" the adjacent pictures. From experience be generous with the overlaps as you don't want to have the collage pulling apart with vigorous play.

3. Photograph. This will give you something to refer to if the dog or cat or .... rearranges it for you..

4. Iron Collage onto fusible web. Pin any pieces that on top and not in contact with the fusible web.The reason for doing this stage before adding the backing fabric is it is easier to rearrange pieces within the collage if required.

5 Carefully remove paper backing - especially around pins. Iron onto light weight muslin.

6. Blanket stitch edges.

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  1. That looks interesting. I'd like to know what the final product looked like, too.


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