Friday, 4 March 2011

Johnville - a child's quilt come play mat - Roads and train tracks

next bit of track
I am making a quilt come play mat for my grandson - who is now living a a small house in Oxford (England) where storage is a premium. For the roads I have been fortunate enough to find  a fabric with long lengths of rail track - so i decided to make roads Melbourne style with the tram tracks down the middle.

Once the background is together I am going to applique photos of the various places he has lived.

sewn to ground 1/4 free each end.

Picture one is the next piece to be added it is the length of the ground fabric plus a complete square at each end. this is so that the tracks can be joined up

Picture 2 Attached to the ground leaving the the first and last 1/4 inch free.

 After a couple of trials I decided to top stitch the angles as this allowed me to very carefully control the placement of the  gray rails and get them to meet up

Photo 3 Shows a T Junction. On the upright of the "T" I ironed the seam allowances in then carefully folded the top so that all the rails matched and then top stitched the edge onto the seam allowances below

Photo 4 I a mitered corner Again top-stitch for consistency with the stitching of the T Junctions.

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