Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Gum Flower and wattle quilt - Instructions

 This is a quilt that I have just finished for German relatives

Here are some basic instructions on how this quilt came together - (Strip in this instruction refers to s full width 40" strip of fabric)

 The center of each block

5 strips 1.25" yellow
14 strips 1.5" green
9    4" squares  - i have 5 gum flower squares and 4 wattle

Add yellow strips to the 2 opposite sides of each square, repeat with the other two sides.
Add green strips to the 2 opposite sides of each square bordered in yellow, repeat with the other two sides.
The block continues to built up the same way with the other strips.

Piano key lengths.

Lots of cream and yellow scraps.

Piano keys are strips of fabric, with even length and variable width, sewn together to make longer sections of the block

Gum Flower (red flower) blocks 

3" length    10 strips  7.5 inches
                 10 strips 12.5 inches

Wattle flower blocks

4.5" length 8 strips 7.5 inches
                 8 strip 15.5 inches

Outer boarder

7.5" length  2 strips
                  2 strips

Block Boarders

Gum flower Block

1.5" green (remainder from the first dark green boarder)
10 strips      2.75" light green

Wattle blocks
8     2.5" Green

Check blocks are all the same size - trim if necessary.
Assemble to a 3 x 3 grid.

Outer borders
13     2" strip yellow
 10   4" green

The order of the outer boarders is yellow, piano keys, yellow, and finally green

If you are interested in seeing  a similar quilt "wedding quilt" is in white and red.


  1. It is a beautiful quilt, I'm sure the new owners will love this piece of Aussie loveliness on their bed.

  2. Very pretty. I think this pattern would be fun to do someday. Thanks for sharing. : )

  3. The gorgeous use of contrasts work perfectly with such a simple pattern. I have no doubt your relatives will be absolutely thrilled with your gift - I know I would be! Really, really lovely work!

  4. Beautiful quilt. The quilting of it is just gorgeous too. Did you do the quilting as well as the top? I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my new blog and leaving my ideas. Much much appreciated. Thank you so very much. What I did with my 10 year old grandson was start him on a Charm Pack quilt and he loved every second. I must tell you that both machines went back as neither was any good and they are now using my machine. Thank you so much again.

  5. Yes I do my own quilting - I have a Happy jack frame and use a mid arm machine. The swirls work well on this set up as the design is built up in rows that do not require great depth of space. Depth of space remaining can become an issue when you are doing larger quilts on this set up.

  6. I love the lightness and colour ways of the quilt. Lovely work.

  7. Your very talented and love your blog. So glad you are with SB so we can see all that your doing.
    Kathy in Gilbert, AZ


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