Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Blocks made because the internet makes the world smaller.

I have just made 4 blocks for a fellow blogger 's friend who is trying to put together a quilt for her son's school's fundraiser.....  Why???  I suppose it is at least in part because of how grateful I am that the internet allows me to have an ongoing relationship with my grandchildren in England while I am here in Australia. I have just had a lovely time talking with them on skype  and because they can see me they are much more responsive than they would be it I was just a voice on the end of the phone. This is so different from when we emigrated to Australia and our grandparents and other relatives became very removed from us.

 Anyway I saw this request and thought why not?

The fabrics I have chosen are distinctly Australian. The koala and the kangaroo are easily recognized. The plant in the border is commonly known as  a bottlebrush because of the shape of its flowers. It has hard leathery leaves that are good are resisting evaporation.

The birds are cockatoos which is a large white and yellow parrot that are often on the move about large parts of Australia -  they squawk loudly, and their powerful beaks are good at cracking open the gum nuts (seed pods of the gum tree). These birds are often referred to as cockies - a name is also give the smaller farmers in Australia. The centers of these 2 blocks show: a farmer droving sheep,  and typical buildings in a country town.(the pub and a shop).

Update August 2011 First pictures of the quilt using these blocks  .


  1. Wow, brilliant! thank you so much for helping. I will print off the detailed info. too, Helen can pass it on to the school with the quilt.

  2. Deborah, I know just what you mean! Several times I have sent little RAQs to quilting friends hither and yon, just because I knew something was needed/wanted and it was so fun to be able to send it to someone I would never have "met", but for the internet!

  3. Great blocks, and how nice of you! We had a bottlebrush tree in our front yard in the Arizona desert, and I loved that tree.


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