Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Apple Recipies (not a quilting post)

A bit over a week ago we went apple picking on a friends farm and came home with 18 large shopping bags of apples. So The Fowler's bottling jars came out and the production line began.
About 1/2 the apples
Apple and Ginger sauce. - good way to use up those little apples  :)

6 kg Apples ( Chopped and cored)
2 cup dark brown sugar
1 cup water
 200 gm crushed fresh ginger
Put sugar and water in pan, heat until sugar is dissolved. Add apples and cook till soft. Stir though ginger. Puree in food processor.

Apple Compote
(In France my daughter who was an au pair she discovered eating this on bread instead of jam.)

1/2 the finished jars
Apples peeled and cored. Simmer till soft. puree. 

Apple and Honey Jam
(I used Leatherwood honey that has a very strong flavor)

 5 cups Apple compote
1kg sugar
375ml honey

Cook together until set

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