Sunday, 6 February 2011

Stashbusting quilting thread

My Husband named this quilt "Four season of John expensive" because to the John Deer Tractors on on it

This one just has a variety of green blocks - but I names it "wolf" for the center one.. 

The reason I have titled this stash busting quilting thread is that I have a considerable number of spools of quilting thread where i am not sure how much is left and therefore they were just sitting in the shelf because I did not want to use them in case i ran out of the color half way through the quilt. In  these quilts I collected up a variety of cream and tan thread and would enough bobbins for a quilt. Each time I changed bobbins I chose a different shade - hoping it would not be too obvious and if noticeable it would look deliberate. The result is so unnoticeable it is not even worth trying to put up photos of the back to show the changing effect. ... So there are going to be more spools that bite the dust.


  1. They are really great quilts. such a good idea to use up your thread like that.

  2. You are making great headway on your 'using your stash' goal. Wow, so many quilts.....

  3. I do that on dontation quilts and childrens quilts, no one can tell. I use a lot of white, cream and yellow and can mix all three. I have even done black, navy and purple on a piece. where there is a will there is a way!

  4. Great quilt! Congrats on your stashbusting efforts on all those part spools :)
    Helen in the UK
    fellow Stashbuster


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