Sunday, 6 February 2011

Long length of strong blue stripe

I was given a long length of strong blue stripe and wondered how to use it. I found it was rather overwhelming of other fabrics. so i came up with using with navy and white with 2 different orientations of the stripe. The back is of course blue stripe!!!! Then I hit the challenge of how to quilt it - I made it before getting my mid arm and had not realized that 8" blocks would be hard to quilt with a 9" throat space.

The quilting problems were solved by using words in the plain blocks and following the stripes in the other blocks Because I could not go all the way up and down the vertically striped blocks I crossed the blue pars in an uneven fashion which i found created interest without a strong horizontal line.


  1. I really like it! Good job! Quilting was a good idea too! Amazing how crative we get when up against the wall.

  2. I like that you went both vert. and horz. on the strip give a lot of movement for the eye. very nice quilt! cw

  3. I love it, the blue and white is very calming


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