Friday, 11 February 2011

Janome 1600P - thread breaking issues when quilting

I have a Janome 1600P which I use on a Happy Jack frame for quilting. Ever since I acquired the machine I have had issues with the thread breaking, and missing stitches particularly when moving in a diagonal backwards direction. Up to now I have thought that this was a problem with my technique only. Such things as regularly changing needles, oiling, cleaning, and particular care not to go too fast in that direction have improved the situation. Sewing more left to right rather than right to left on the frame.

Well the reason for this post is ...... I just got some some new bobbins. I am not sure that they are actually Janome bobbins - but they were sold to fit this machine. The difference is extraordinary. A whole quilt with no broken threads.... no skipped stitches ....  The machine is quieter. I would not have ever considered that the bobbins were the issue as I had 11 genuine bobbins which I got with the machine and the problem existed with all of them,............

Apart from this I am very happy with the machine -  I have quilted over 120 quilts with it in the past 3 years.

Answers to questions (addition to original post)

I purchased the bobbins from Sharp sewing supplies PO Box 41721 Los Angeles CA 90041 USA.
Toll free phone: 800-2252983
Ebay shop:
They are the aluminum bobbins... I am in no way connected with this store other than a happy customer.

A friend of mine who has more sewing machine mechanic knowledge than me has pointed out 3 things: these bobbins are lighter than the original bobbins and minutely smaller both in width and thickness.


  1. That's very interesting. I have a lady in my group who is driven nuts by breaking thread... I'll tell her about your experience, thanks.

  2. What kind of bobbins did you buy ?
    Gladys Wahl

  3. I have added where I got the bobbins to the original post. thanks for your interest.

  4. Did the problems come back, or was that actually the solution?
    I have the same setup and it is driving me insane.
    Have ordered the bobbins (from the US - I am in Australia), so here's hoping!

    1. Dear Anonymous....

      I am in Australia too. Once I gone the bobbins mentioned above the problem generally stopped. I did of course still have to change needles, keep the machine clean, but only once on a queen size quilt. I have switched to using a bigger machine for quilting - but not until I had quilted about 200 quilts on the Happy jack frame - this decision was to do with throat space excreta. I now use my Janome 1600p for piecing the only time it has given me problems was with one roll of cheap thread - and that was solved by switching threads. I have sewn an unusual block with 10 layers of fabric in a seam at one point with no problems.

    2. What machine have you switched to? Would love to get an even better one for the quilting. Then I could be using the 1600P for piecing while I have a quilt on the frame :-)

  5. Hi ladies just wondering if any body can help me I to have a happy jack frame with a janome 1600p Qc on it and have nothing but tension issues and its driving me nuts would love to hear from anybody that's had the same problem Regards Gail

  6. Hi Deborah - I just found your post and I am planning on ordering some of the aluminum bobbins that you suggested but I'm wondering if you use only serger thread with the 1600. Does anyone know if monofilament thread can ever be used with this machine?


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