Friday, 18 February 2011

Febuary is for finishing - update.

In my progression through my sewing room I came across a pile of blocks that I had put aside to finish as small projects. So over the past few days I have made up 12 items: table toppers, pot holders, heat mats, place mats and a cushion. In the heat mats and pot holders I put an extra layer, a piece of toweling, in between the wadding and the backing to ensure that they are effective heat barriers.

The table mats

Altogether this means that I have finished 21 things in 17 days - only 7 more to go and I will have finished 28 items in 28 days.....


  1. Good job, Deborah. Feels good to get so many things done!

  2. You go girl. You are encouraging me as I'm doing something similar to use up some random blocks. Thanks!

  3. That's very cool. And thanks for tip on the toweling for the heat mats.


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