Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Progress report - 50 quilts from stash challenge. - currently 11

I have begun working on this challenge and have been surprised at how quickly it has been going.

This is one of 2 quilts that I made with a friend (entirely from my stash). this is constructed from a sellection of irregular panels and photos and made up on the same principles as the wonky red square quilt (instructions in previous post.)

Since begining this challenge I have also finished 5 bed quilts, 3 large cushions, 1 wall hanging,  11 table mats and 8 potholders. I have decided that the table mats and potholders are extra - even though when making a large quantitiy that are good stash busters. So that is 11 items entirely from stash


  1. way to go. this layout could make an interesting eye spy top too. cw

  2. Hurray! Hurray! I'm so proud of you. Now if the starter of this challenge would just have a finish instead of staying up all night with sick DGD . . . .


I really enjoy the encouragement I get from feedback. As I am part of the process pledge I love to know if I am giving useful information... looking forward to hearing from you