Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Finishes that will go to Taiwan - part 2

This quilt began with te 4 hand pieced blocks in the centre - which I was given by a friend. I wanted to find a special way of displaying them so that they were the focus of the quilt. I am pleased with the peaceful effect that I came up with. This will be for my daughter-in-law sister.

This is a lap quilt for my daughter in law's grandfather. She chose this one for him out of a few options I had prepared as suitable because eagles convey appropriate repect for an older person.

Cross culturally I find that I an constantly learning about what is the most appropriate. Certainly I was glad to have Stephanie's help in choosing what her family members would like and very glad that I had a number of quilt top options prepared for her to choose from.

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  1. excellent job with the borders on the first one. I have several projects that grew on me. piano key is a favorite of mine to add interest to the top. cw


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