Monday, 25 October 2010

Size of Quilts

Every so often in various discussions there comes the question of the best size of a quilt. Often related to the bed size that is used. I have realised that for me the bed size is really only one factor in how I size a quilt probably because I am a person who likes to wrap myself in my bedding rather than sleep neatly underneath it. For this reason  I like to make quilts wider than the standard bed sizes so that there are not gaps at the side for drafts - often this means my quilts are square (or close to square)

Looking through my recent quilts these would be the approximate minamum size guides

Prem baby                                                30 inches
Baby                                                         40 inches
Toddler                                                     50 inches
Child or Small adult lap                              60 inches
Single or Adult  lap                                    70 inches
Double                                                       80 inches
Queen                                                         90 inches

For Teenagers I use adult sizes...........

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  1. I started doing sq quilts a few years ago. I had a friend that always wanted me to machine quilt her tops from top to bottom and I like to do it side to side (less rows that way) she started doing hers sq and would say: here's the top, its sq so you should beable to do what I want.
    I tend to make my quilts what ever size they turn out to be. I tell my family this is just what it is, enjoy it. cw


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