Monday, 25 October 2010

A Quiet patch

It is interesting (at least to me) to consider why i have gone quiet ... life has been busy over the last couple of months with my eldest moving to Oxford with his family, the local show, and a series of quilts in a hurry for people in need. ... Any way I will try to catch up especially with some of the Ideas of the process by which i make quilts.

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  1. I have been slow to post lately too.
    Still looking for a copy of the mag. with your pattern in it. thought for sure it would be out here by now. I might have missed it.

    my top is till a TO DO. I almost finished last year when sitting with mom (she passed in Nov.) I am only a couple of blocks away from having the top finished.

    I want to do it again in Christmas colors. Wanted to see your pattern to see if it is the same as what I already have.- cw


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