Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Photos for memory quilts 1

I have been busy preparing photos for a memeory quilt for an former exchange student. One of the challenges of printing on fabric is that there needs to be a storong contrast betweeen the photo and the background to compensate for the loss of quality that comes from printing on woven cotton rather than photo paper. I have a copy of Adobe Photoshop elements and with this i adjust photos so that they work better on fabric.

Therefore i find that many otherwise great photos dont look like much on fabric. In the example above I selected the children and separated them into a different layer "via copy" which leavels the original in the background of the "Layer 0"  I them blured the backgound and manipul;ated the colour and lighting so that the children stand out. i them went in to "layer 1" and altered the lighting on the children so that the faces are brighter.... On the computer the boys face partularly looks shiney but on the fabric the faces settles down in its appearance and looks nice.

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