Friday, 29 October 2010

50 quilts from stash challenge...

I have decided to join Becky in her personal challenge to make 50 quilts from stash.... details

Personally I know I will need to buy wadding and maybe backing before the finish but I am going to try the use up principle first.

My other exceptions will be: 1. photo printing cotton for memory quilts
                                            2. fabric purchased in Taiwan on holiday - there maybe somnething special that i just cant resist!!!!!


  1. I have not officialy join but will do so in spirit. I hope to quilt at least 50 by the end of 2011. I think I have close to that many standing in line waiting for me to get a round Tuit.
    Post your progress and I will cheer you on!- cw

  2. I;ve been toying with the idea of accepting the challenge too. Like Cheryl, I have a few waiting on me. Looking forward to seeing your 50.

  3. Ok here's my tally for the begining of this challenge 21 finished tops. 25 Started projects. Hummmm - I hardly need to start anything new!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love the idea! I have a room filled with fabrics I have collected over the years and lots of clothes that would make wonderful quilts. I am amazed by the fact that you finished the red quilt in a week. How do you do it?


I really enjoy the encouragement I get from feedback. As I am part of the process pledge I love to know if I am giving useful information... looking forward to hearing from you