Friday, 29 October 2010

50 quilts from stash challenge...

I have decided to join Becky in her personal challenge to make 50 quilts from stash.... details

Personally I know I will need to buy wadding and maybe backing before the finish but I am going to try the use up principle first.

My other exceptions will be: 1. photo printing cotton for memory quilts
                                            2. fabric purchased in Taiwan on holiday - there maybe somnething special that i just cant resist!!!!!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Photos for memory quilts 2

These 2 photos of a kea again are the before and after alternation. the differnece between these are the children's photo in the previous post is that when I layered the photo into the bird and the background I cut the bird from the back ground leaving a white space. (rather than copied the bird into a new layer)
This meant that when I used the blur function on the background a Small lighter Halo was formed around the bird as the white cut out area was blurred inot the remaining backgound.

Also this was a radial blur rather than a motion blur.

Photos for memory quilts 1

I have been busy preparing photos for a memeory quilt for an former exchange student. One of the challenges of printing on fabric is that there needs to be a storong contrast betweeen the photo and the background to compensate for the loss of quality that comes from printing on woven cotton rather than photo paper. I have a copy of Adobe Photoshop elements and with this i adjust photos so that they work better on fabric.

Therefore i find that many otherwise great photos dont look like much on fabric. In the example above I selected the children and separated them into a different layer "via copy" which leavels the original in the background of the "Layer 0"  I them blured the backgound and manipul;ated the colour and lighting so that the children stand out. i them went in to "layer 1" and altered the lighting on the children so that the faces are brighter.... On the computer the boys face partularly looks shiney but on the fabric the faces settles down in its appearance and looks nice.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Size of Quilts

Every so often in various discussions there comes the question of the best size of a quilt. Often related to the bed size that is used. I have realised that for me the bed size is really only one factor in how I size a quilt probably because I am a person who likes to wrap myself in my bedding rather than sleep neatly underneath it. For this reason  I like to make quilts wider than the standard bed sizes so that there are not gaps at the side for drafts - often this means my quilts are square (or close to square)

Looking through my recent quilts these would be the approximate minamum size guides

Prem baby                                                30 inches
Baby                                                         40 inches
Toddler                                                     50 inches
Child or Small adult lap                              60 inches
Single or Adult  lap                                    70 inches
Double                                                       80 inches
Queen                                                         90 inches

For Teenagers I use adult sizes...........

A Quiet patch

It is interesting (at least to me) to consider why i have gone quiet ... life has been busy over the last couple of months with my eldest moving to Oxford with his family, the local show, and a series of quilts in a hurry for people in need. ... Any way I will try to catch up especially with some of the Ideas of the process by which i make quilts.