Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Busy finishing.....

The last week I have been very busy finishing quilts 3 UFOs(unfinished objects) and one quilt made from scratch.

The bright red quilt was the one that i began and finished in under a week... its for a friend in hospital who likes bright red and of course none of the 16 quilt tops I had finished were red.  The basis of this quilt is very easy. I draw up a graph of squares that i like ( in this case 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 inch) and make the required number of blocks in each size. The only dimention that matters is the final size of the block which is achieved by making it bigger than necessary and cutting it back to size. For the quilting I did an all over design of straight lines that crossed in places to form squares and rectangles. I am really pleased with how it came up.

Orca. This is a small single quilt designed to fit my daughters lower bunk - she wants one with animals on the top bunk..... not yet done.  I kept the piecing simple so that the focus was on the panel.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Printing you on fabric design professionally

I have found a firm that prints fabric designs professionally as well as running a weekly contest for a fabric design on a theme.

For the fun of it i have entered last weeks competition with this design. The images come from my recent trip into northern South Australia. I sellected parts of photos and blended and adjusted them in photoshop.

Note the car (not ours) This is what can happen if you decide it is too cold to cook outside and do it in the back of your vechile instead. the glass from the windows had melted and looked like frozen toffee.

Quilting 5 point stars

I have just finished a quilt which has a star print in the boarder. As it had to be finished quickly I chose to do a meandering design with stars added. However i find that keeping the order of the direction of the arm lines hard. .....

I eventually came up with the image of a person for with the head hands and feet making the points. The lines are then

Head to a foot
Foot to opposate hand
Hand to hand
Hand to remaining foot
Foot back to head.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A quilt with random bits - orphan pieces

This quilt grew out of  some similarly coloured panels that i had collection and had not used. The same Idea could be used for orphan blocks. The design came out of my need for some order in the arrangement - I find completely random very hard to manage because i tend to always want to find the pattern....