Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Two quilts that did not gel - Australian postcards.

The second quilt that did not gel is one for a former exchange student who wanted something that reflected his time in Australia. Initally I looked at making an Australian scene with large kangaroos in the forground and other things in the background. Unfortunatly I found it very difficult to include the variety of things that he had been involved in in one picture... footy (Australian rules) , Hockey (field not ice), scuba diving on the barrier reef, and Ayers rock etc.

So I came up with the idea of postcards thrown on a breadspread..... Well they certainly looked thrown  and while I Like some of the individual pieces the combination I had come up with looked like a teenager's mess..... and this student was not one of the really messy ones.  So it had got shoved in the too hard basket.

This toille picture was originally very black on white ... so I "aged" it by soaking in strong tea.

This picture of the Sydney opera house I printed from a photo after increasing the contrast in adobe photoshop elements ( I find this important to get the correct colour balance on fabric)

This group were tiny panels with almost no fabric around them to create a seam allowance - so I appliqued them onto a backgound so that i did not loose part of the picture.

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  1. I enjoy it when you share the thought process. I can see this concept catching on with others. Now that I have seen the outcome, this is really a technique that I would share. I love the finished piece. cw


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